As the owner of RLee Steam Cleaning, I offer my personal guarantee that my steam cleaning services deliver the best results available in Bardstown, KY. My business has grown over the years on the strength of superb customer recommendations and word of mouth and I am told that my passion for steam cleaning shows in the results of my labors.

My professional steam cleaning services are affordable and the system I employ gets the job done with minimum mess and without long drying times. I don’t use harmful chemicals that leave residues and can cause hazardous fumes. I believe that there are more environmentally respectful ways of getting your carpets and rugs pristine clean and my system fills your rooms with an attractive, fresh smell that improves your living environment considerably.

I steam clean all types of upholstered furniture and can refresh and enhance fabrics and textiles so that your pieces look like you’ve just purchased them! If you have antique carpets, rugs and upholstery that needs deep cleaning, my environmentally friendly products ensure a great job is done without any risk of damage to your treasured items.

Perhaps you have had a house party and there are stains on your carpets? Perhaps you are preparing to host an important event in your home? Perhaps you are embarking on home improvement and don’t want your flooring letting the decor down when you’re done? There are countless reasons why you should hire the best and most professional steam cleaner — I’ll take care of your steam cleaning, no matter how badly stained your carpets are!

I am at your service from 2pm til 7pm Monday to Friday and from 7am til 7pm on Saturdays and I’m happy to provide you with an estimate for my reputable steam cleaning.

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