Model declaration to move to the Social Insurance Institution and the transfer of funds accumulated in the pension funds to ZUS will be defined in rozporządzeniu.Projekt it provides that the management of the FRD commissioned association of investment funds will be dependent Polish Development Fund (PFR).

Taking into account the considerations demographic future pension should come from a variety of sources “- explains the CIR in komunikacie.zobacz also concerns the liquidation of pension funds of 16 million Poles. All you need to know about her [PODCAST] “The most important solutions contained in the draft included, among others, “Default option” for members of pension funds, which are Individual Retirement Accounts. In this case, the funds accumulated in the pension funds will be charged 15 percent. TRANSFORMATION fee. “The funds for the IRA will be entirely private and inherited. They will be paid at once or in installments, net of tax after reaching the retirement age in line with the original objectives of the 1999 reform.” – podkreślono.Alternatywą for this option is the transfer of funds to the Social Insurance.

In this case there is of them charged transformations, but the money will not be inherited. “The fee is + element of justice + because pensions paid by ZUS are taxed and the money paid from the IRA after reaching retirement age – no. No charge restructurings funds from IRA would be privileged “- explains a member of the project CIR.Zgodnie pension funds will be able to make a declaration of the transfer of funds to the Social Insurance. Failure to submit the declaration will mean a choice of “default option of the IRA” .See also: Slalom between the pillars. How liquidation of pension funds will affect the pension? »The draft stipulates that pension companies (PTE) – managing pension funds – will transform the TFI (TFI). OFE become specialized open investment funds (SFIO), which will be managed by TFI. SFIO will manage future IKE.Podano that savings in the Open Pension Funds has approx.

15.8 million Poles who have put them approx. 162 billion zł.Zgodnie with the message management means the Demographic Reserve Fund (DRF) will be occupied Polish TFI Development Fund (currently the Social Insurance Institution). “Change is justified because it will go to the SIF funds from pension funds transferred to the Social Insurance Institution. As a result, changes to the structure of the Demographic Reserve Fund, which will enable the management of FRD for investment purposes, for the benefit of the Polish economy” – also czytamy.zobacz: Farewell to the pension funds: all I would like to ask “How are added, the main goal was to create FRD increase security solvency of the pension insurance benefits. FRD acts as a reserve fund for the pension fund separated in the Social Insurance Fund. What does it mean? Since January 1, came pensioners will be able to decide whether their savings accumulated in the Open Pension Funds transferred to Individual Retirement Accounts, or to ZUS.

The government adopted the law provides that the pension companies (PTE) managing OFE transform into an investment fund company (TFI), and the pension funds themselves become specialized open investment funds (SFIO). All the savings accumulated in pension funds will be “automatically” transferred to individual retirement accounts (IRA) carried out by the SFIO TFI.Indywidualne retirement account is already functioning in our system products constituting the so-called voluntary. The third pillar of saving for retirement. Gathered there disbursed in the form of pensions are exempt from capital gains tax. If necessary, the savings can withdraw from the IRA, but – if this occurs before 60 years of age – it involves the payment of 19 per cent. the so-called.

Belka tax. Since the IRA savings are treated as private, they are subject to the full inheritance in case of death oszczędzającego.zobacz also OPF Operation: Law and Justice wants to give the people what’s left “draft stipulates that funds from pension funds and transferred to the IRA will not be able to be paid by the insured before reaching retirement age (but they can be inherited at the time). In support of the project was explained that due to the fact that the funds accumulated in the pension funds come from pension contributions and in principle can be used only in order to secure retirement ubezpieczonej.Zgodnie person with the project, former member of the pension funds, the future pensioner, however, will be able to decide he did not want to make his savings from pension funds “default” hit the IRA. Will be able to direct them to ZUS. If you submit a relevant declaration to move to the Social Insurance Institution, the assets of pension funds will be transferred to the Demographic Reserve Fund (excluding bonds and bills issued by the Treasury), and their value credited to share capital zaewidencjonowanego on the individual account in ZUS. “The decision on this issue will be take from 1 January 2020. February 28, 2020. and the transfer of funds to the IRA take place on 1 July next year, “- told PAP spokesman for the Ministry of investment and development Stanislaw Krakowski.Decyzja the choice of the IRA or the Social Insurance Institution, it will be associated with certain effects for the financial oszczędzających.zobacz: PPK and OFE are two completely different programs. What is the difference? »First of all pension payments from the IRA will be exempt from PIT.

The project provides, however, that the transfer of money from pension funds to the IRA will be subject to 15 percent. the so-called. fee restructurings. According to the authors of the project is to be a substitute for the income tax levied on pensions paid from the Social Insurance Fund, the amount corresponds to the level effective tax rate emerytur.Zgodnie the draft investment policy SFIO transformed from pension funds is to be adjusted for age and risk profile of the insured in the long term, which will ensure protection of funds from pension funds. The draft defines the percentage of debt instruments in the portfolio sub-fund retirement, which, as you approach retirement age, will be transferred funds from the pension funds (within the exchange for shares of the basic units of the sub-fund retirement). This is similar to function as a so-called existing today. safety slide, except that in the case of IRA savings accumulated there remain funded pillar until they reach retirement age. At the same time management costs by TFI funds from pension funds to be closely limitowane.Inaczej situation in the case of saving for retirement in ZUS. Following the submission of the declaration of the transfer of assets from pension funds to ZUS (in practice FRD) TRANSFORMATION fee will not be charged, but future pension payments will be subject to income tax (PIT) scale.

In contrast to the IRA, savings accumulated in the ZUS is not subject to inheritance in case of death of the insured. Model declaration to move to the Social Insurance Institution and the transfer of funds accumulated in the pension funds to ZUS will be defined in rozporządzeniu.Projekt it provides that the management of the FRD commissioned association of investment funds will be dependent Polish Development Fund (PFR). The authors of the Act provide that the TFI PFR will effectively manage the assets FRD. Once a month earlier on average accounted for approx. 1,350 approved loans, April brought the inhibition of the program. Data all the more surprising that spring is traditionally a period in which customers want to buy apartments. But not in MdM.

The more that the pool of housing available for purchase on the already heavily contracted. The first wave of customers heavily disguised modest offer of apartments that meet strict price limits of the program and ready to be put in this year. show this data, the portal offers a helpful in finding housing in the primary market. In Gdansk and the surrounding area in April compared with January, more than half premises disappeared, as happened in Poznan and its neighboring municipalities. Most of the units disappeared in Lodz and its surroundings.

Literally a handful of apartments was in Krakow and surrounding municipalities. Of the six analyzed agglomerations similar pool of flats remained only in Warsaw and Wroclaw and around these cities. The reason was, among others, a noticeable increase in the price limit for the capital of Mazovia and Lower Silesia. In Warsaw, the limit increased by 262 zł to 6127 zł, and Wroclaw 200 zł to 4984 zł. Though we have to admit that in the capital of Lower Silesia is still the limit wymagający.O trouble finding a suitable location is best evidenced by the fact that most of the April loan applications have concerned the housing, to which customers will move in the next year or even in 2016. With 226 registered BGK loan applications concerned only 89 homes this year, up to 127 next year, and 8 planned for completion in two years.

Now there is practically no longer fulfill the conditions of finished apartments MdM, construction of which ends this year, it is increasingly difficult to find lodgings also given away in future years – says Tomasz Kołodziejczyk Director redNet Property Group, which owns the portal Kołodziejczyk calms, however, that this is not the end of MdM, developers are not idle and are preparing new offers, but they will appear in the third and fourth quarter. You still will be patient, because I will, however, housing, construction of which will be completed in 2016 . – dodaje.zobacz also rent free apartments: no rent, the costs are “in the Act developer to protect buyers still doubts” there is no chance to raise the limits in Housewarming for Young »You buy an apartment? Keep your eyes wide open »For those who gain the courage to buy apartments with a surcharge and planning thanks to the imminent move to his disappointment he meets strengths. Many interested MdM therefore will be forced to rethink their plans and to answer the question whether you really should wait two – three years for the new M or better to buy an apartment without extra charge today.

Price limits per sqm Source: Press Materials In this situation, developers fear that the current conditions MdM Poles have a chance to use at most half of this year’s pool of subsidies of 600 million zł are becoming more and more real. The more that the mechanism of settlement payments by BGK looks in such a way that the money set aside for a given year using only housing put into operation this year, because the surcharge is the last. For this year MdM is planned 600 million zł subsidies in the future – 715 million zł, in 2016. -730 million zł in 2017. – 746 million zł, in 2018. -762 zł. The trouble with this year surcharge also lies in the fact that the apartment must be completed this year. If someone buys an apartment, the construction of which ends next year automatically uses a pool of payments scheduled for 2015., Etc. possible to obtain the maximum amount of aid Source: Press Materials Given the number of loan applications for statistical inhabitant best use of the program MdM continues to run in the province.

Pomeranian. After four months of operation MDM is Greater second position, and further warminsko Mazurskie and Lubuskie. In comparison with the statistics for the first quarter of the order he remained almost unchanged, except it turned out Mazowieckie, which dropped from second place to fifth. The biggest problems with punctures program MdM is still in Podkarpackie, Silesia and Świętokrzyskie. The number of applications and the amount of the grant (in thousand. Zł) 04.2014 in the provinces by year. Source: Press Materials popularity of the program is largely derived from the availability of new apartments within specified limits cenowych.Halina Kochalska, Open Finance The judgment concerns the German company Comtech sells electrical and electronic equipment.

The company on its website provides after-sales service telephone number beginning with the prefix 0180, which is commonly used in Germany to service the national rate. Meanwhile, it turned out that the combination of service and is more expensive than the cost of a normal call with the number or landline number in the mobile network. Interested in the matter of the German association dedicated to combating unfair commercial practices (Zentrale zur Bekaempfung unlauteren Wettbewerbs Frankfurt am Main), which brought to the district court in Stuttgart request for an order that the German company to stop such trade practice, which he considers unfair. During the proceedings, the case went to the Court of Justice of the EU in Luxembourg. According to the EU directive on consumer rights, Member States are obliged to ensure that, if a trader has a telephone line dedicated to the telephone contact with him on the agreement, the consumer should not be obliged to pay more than the basic rate applied to connect with the linią.zobacz also the Government Communications Network: Secrecy more modern “According to the Court, the term” basic fare ‘means in everyday language the cost of an ordinary call. This means that the cost of connection to the manufacturer service may be more expensive than the cost of a normal conversation in the fixed or mobile.

The Court also stressed that “if entrepreneurs were entitled to apply tariffs higher than the tariff for the call ordinary consumers could be discouraged from using the service in order to obtain information regarding the agreement or to assert their rights, in particular in the field of guarantees or withdrawal. ” According to the EU tribunal, the trader can derive profits from the operation of its line of service, but the resulting costs should not be borne by customers. It pointed out that the trade unions had not received – despite repeated requests – offer in writing. On the other hand – as noted – these materials, in the form of a press release and presentation, received the journalists at the press conference of the government, which took place just after the rozmowach.zobacz MEN: A strike is not a reason to cancel classes. Closing branches is not an option “Sheets organizational school. As it developed, avoiding errors “In the opinion of Polish Teachers’ Union and the Trade Unions Forum Friday government’s proposal means no real base salary increases in 2019 years; a significant reduction in teaching jobs, the deterioration of the educational offer in rural schools and increase the duties and working time of teachers.

PNA and FZZ argue that the trade unions during negotiations ongoing as of March 25 presented three proposals for wage growth. As indicated, they did not meet with the approval of the government. Unions argue that the government officials on Friday did not address the proposal FZZ and the PNA complex on Wednesday evening, involving the distribution of 30 percent. increases in two rounds – 15 percent. from 1 January to 15 percent. from 1 September. “The previous government proposals do not give rise to appeal the strike within the legally ongoing labor dispute. The strike will begin on April 8, 2019 year”, – says afternoon Statement signed by the President of the Polish Teachers’ Union Slawomir Broniarz and head of the Industry of Science, Education and Culture FZZ Slawomir Wittkowicza .