R. Lee Steam Clean is a very honest and dependable company. Great job and a great price. I will always use Robert’s to clean my carpets.
– Donnie A.


I used R. Lee Steam Clean to clean my carpet. The carpet had a pet stain and a path stain and Toby was able to get both stains out and the carpet looked new again. I plan to use R. Lee Steam Clean again this spring.
– SB


My mother had fallen and spilled brandy and fruit mixture on her carpet. Robert’s carpet cleaning came to my parent’s house and cleaned that area, and other rooms. The carpet looked great and still looks great. Mr. Robert’s did a great job in a timely manner. I would use and recommend him to anyone.
– Lisa L.


R. Lee Steam Clean was very professional. Cost was very reasonable. Had pet and path stains. I cleaned the carpets myself, but stains came back. R. Lee Steam Clean got the stains up and they never came back. I would definitely recommend. I am so satisfied with the results.
– Leslee H.


R. Lee Steam Clean is very professional and reasonable. I would use him for any of my carpet cleaning needs.
– J.


Was very pleased with R. Lee Steam Clean. Took pride in his work. Was very clean as to wear protective covers on his shoes. Highly recommend him to anyone.
– Rita M.


I was truly amazed at the results R. Lee Steam Clean did with my carpets. My carpets were very stained and dirty before he got all the stains out. Very reasonable and very caring about his work!!
– B.H.


I was very pleased with R. Lee Steam Clean, carpets looked great. We had several stains that we couldn’t get out, but R. Lee Steam Clean removed them as well. We will definitely use Robert’s for our carpets in the future.
– Mike B.


Given the fact that my carpets were super soiled by pets, I was extremely surprised by the results of Toby’s work. He not only got out the stains, but when he came back for additional work, he wanted to freshen up his last work. He takes pride and pleasure in his work and it showed. I would not hesitate to refer him to other clients and I will definitely be a repeat customer. Thanks Toby!
– Gena A.


I used R. Lee Steam Clean to clean my carpets and was very pleased with the results. I had a few pet stains and they were gone after the cleaning. My carpet looked great!
– Connie G


Thank you for the top notch job cleaning the puppy urine out of my area rug! For those of you that thought your brand new rug was ruined from you new son’s new puppy, think again! Toby Roberts got ALL the urine out! In the past, I had to throw away rugs that other leading, commercial, cleaning companies couldn’t clean after paying a high price! Toby Roberts delivered my area rug fresh, clean, and affordable cleaned! I’m very pleased!
– Holly F