When you first purchase your upholstered furniture you were seeking certain colors and patterns to harmonize with your decor. However, as the years pass you may have decided to change your decor or your furniture may have become a little faded and jaded over time. You may think that it would be better to just throw everything out and start again. R. Lee Steam Clean can provide you with an affordable alternative that will give you ‘as new’ furniture again, with textiles as bright as the day you saw them in the showroom.

My system delivers an intensively deep clean that gets into the fibers of all fabrics and textiles used to upholster furniture, protecting the threads while eliminating grime and accumulated dirt, even in the backing and lining of your furniture. I can get your sofa like its brand new even if it has enduring stains or is a little smelly from pet odors. There’s pretty much nothing my deep steam cleaning system won’t eliminate which is why my customers are always so happy with my work!

It’s often easy to choose furniture items that are practical in terms of color and fabric because we’re aware of the daily use our furniture endures. Perhaps you would have preferred something in off-white or cream but settled for brown instead! I particularly enjoy working with light, bright furniture fabrics because the results are particularly satisfying to achieve. If you use my steam cleaning service regularly you can have white furniture throughout your home and it will always look tip-top!
I am available to call at your home and deliver the ultimate steam cleaning service on all your upholstered furniture pieces. Please contact me for an affordable estimate for upholstery cleaning in Bardstown, KY. ​